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In Salyersville, Kentucky there is currently a brave little 9-year-old boy named Dalton who has been living with Cystic Fibrosis and has recently become increasingly sick. He recently was allowed to come home, medical supplies in tote to be closer to his loved ones. Dalton’s last wish is to break the world record for receiving the most Christmas cards (which is 35,000). Anyone who would like to participate to send Dalton a Christmas card be sure to include your city and state so he can see how far the support has come from. The earlier the cards the better! THANK YOU all in advance! Dalton will love receiving these cards.

Sends cards to: Dalton Dingus HC 62 Box 1249 Salyersville, KY 41465 

I don’t know how many people will see this but if you do PLEASE reblog/share to be a part of this little boy’s wish!

Also, clicking the picture will take you to the Facebook page!

(*I do not personally know Dalton, I just saw this on Facebook and thought I’d share to help the cause.)

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Or Chancleta


O.O oh my god D:

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Bitch. I am on tumblr day and night…you think I am getting laid?

fuck no

I’m a dude…

I’m a lesbian…

I’m ugly…

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Sometimes, I wish things were a little easier then they are….

Taking a moment to say something…

He may never see this, or know why I even decided to write it, but I am truly happy. The obstacles the distance, the troubles, the laughs, the flails and pokes.  I love every minute even when it isn’t the brightest.  I am sorry that I have so many anxieties, and yet when you and I just carry on about nothing I forget why I was even worried.  I wanna thank you for the three years, and the years to come.  Even if there is still some steps to come, I hope we can take them together.   

Alright enough with the moppey wopey lovey dovey shit~! Goin’ to bed and gonna wake up at fcking 10 :3   Night all and continue the countdown to me going to FLORIDAAAA~!